What is Ratio?


Ratio is a launcher and our way of bringing our custom BllocOS to other Android phones.
At the moment it is still in beta and the program is open for certain OnePlus, Pixel, Samsung and Xiaomi models (full list here). We will also expand to other Android models so please keep an eye on this list.

How do I get it? 


Please register your interest and phone model on blloc.com and further details will be provided via email. Due to very high demand, there is a wait for an invite to the beta program, but we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
At the moment Ratio is still in beta and we're supporting certain OnePlus, Pixel, Samsung and Xiaomi models (full list here). Once we expand to other models, we'll update this list so please keep an eye on it.

I’m signing-up, but my phone is not on the list.


Please select ‘other’ and choose from the new drop-down menu. If your phone is still not listed, please scroll to the very bottom, select ‘My android is not on the list’, and enter your model.

I signed-up for Ratio, but I haven’t got the invite code yet.


Invite codes are being sent out in batches so we can best support all new users. At the moment it is still in beta and the program is open for certain OnePlus, Pixel, Samsung and Xiaomi models (full list here) We will also expand to other Android models so please keep an eye on this list.
Please know that we will send you an invite ASAP, but due to extremely high demand there is a wait. Thank you so much for your patience. We really appreciate it and we’re excited to share Ratio with you soon.

I just got my Ratio beta code. Do you have a manual?


Yes, as a first start please check out our HowTo guide. We also hope to welcome you in the Blloc Community so please also check out this post for new users.

Can I try out Ratio Pro once I've installed Ratio Light (or vice versa)?


Yes, but you will need to reset your code first. Please do so via the following link. If you're a new Ratio user, then please also be sure to check out this post in the Blloc Community.


How can I join the Blloc Community page? I just got my Ratio invite.


A separate invitation will have been sent so please be sure to also check your other email folders. The email will come from blloc@discoursemail.com

How can I join the Blloc Community page? I have a Z18.


You can automatically join the community page here. Just have your original order ID (the long reference beginning with "or_") and your original email address ready. If you no longer have it, then just start a chat with us on Intercom or send a quick email to info@blloc.com


What about privacy?


You can check out our Privacy Policy here. The page is in German as this is our jurisdiction.

For more frequently asked privacy questions in English, and how it relates to the Z18, Ratio and BllocDesk, please see below or check out the Z18 Wiki and/or Ratio HowTo Guide.

Does Blloc collect or store any of my personal data?


No. None of your personal data is collected or stored from your Z18, Ratio, or BllocDesk back to Blloc. We value privacy and believe that all your personal data belongs to you.

Are there any Google services embedded in Ratio, BllocDesk, or the Z18?


No, none of our products rely on Google services to work.

Do you use any other analytics service?


Yes, for the Z18 and Ratio Beta we’re using Mixpanel to anonymously analyse basic usage events. This is to help us build a better product.

Events do not contain any personal data, are encrypted via https, and cannot be attributed or traced back to any individual. For example, we analyse the number of active users, crashes and errors on a particular day.

What permissions are required for your products?


►As the Z18 is rooted and delivered free of Google services, system root access is required. Only Blloc apps will root access. All other permissions are shown to you during setup, and you can decline or revoke them at any time. Just to BllocMode > Blloc Settings > General > Permissions Manager (coming in v3.2.3).

►Ratio will only ask you for the permissions it crucially needs to function as your home launcher. Ratio Pro and Ratio Light require a different set of permissions, and you will be shown what each one does during installation, which you can decline or revoke if you wish. Just to Ratio Settings > General > Permissions Manager.  

►BllocDesk requires access to your computer disk for installation, and WiFi for pairing with your Z18 or device with Ratio Pro.

As Ratio is a launcher, why is it not in the Google Playstore?


As an independent company, we simply decided to first launch Ratio beta on our own. Our early beta versions also came with system permissions that Google typically does not allow for launchers.

Since then, we have developed Ratio Light and we are actively taking steps to bring this version to the Google Play store.

Z18 - Shipping and Returns

Do you ship the Z18 to my country? 


You can check out which countries we ship to here. We started shipping within Germany, and then expanded to select EU countries that are logistically simple for us to serve. As a small team, we want to offer great customer support and service.

How long does shipping take within Europe, and how does Covid-19 affect this?


Our warehouse and delivery partners have implemented safety measures and are working as normal. Please expect to receive your phone or case within 4-6 working days, however due to strict border controls across Europe, delivery to some countries may take a day or two longer.

Although border restrictions within Europe do not apply to the movement of goods, delays may occur due to general checks. In some local regions there might be local delivery exceptions. All delivery options will be shown to you in your tracking and notifications.

Temporary DPD delivery exceptions due to Covid-19


We work with several delivery partners, and if your order is shipped with DPD, please note the following updates:

►All Countries - From March 21st, Saturday delivery is suspended until further notice

►Most DPD collection points closed throughout Europe are now reopening with the relaxation of lockdown measures. All delivery options will be shown to you in your tracking and notifications.

If delivery cannot be made, your order will be returned to sender. If this is the case, please contact us at info@blloc.com or chat to us on Intercom.

My tracking says returned to sender. What should I do?


Please contact us at info@blloc.com, or chat to us on Intercom.

I made a mistake when placing my order. Help!


Orders are normally processed very quickly, so we may not be able to correct mistakes or cancel them. We’re all human so if this happens, please chat to us on Intercom or send us an email at info@blloc.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

What about returns, and how am I affected by Covid-19?


If the Z18 isn’t quite right for you, you’re welcome to send it back within 14 days of delivery. We understand that there are lockdowns and we want you to be safe first. Of course, if you’re not able to make your return within 14 days, then just let us know. You can drop us an email at info@blloc.com or chat with us, so we can give you the return instructions. At this time, we’re unable to offer pre-paid return labels.

My return period includes public holidays, what then?


If your return period includes public holidays, please don’t count them.

My phone is damaged but I have BllocProtect. How do I claim this?


To claim your replacement, please email us at info@blloc.com or chat with us on Intercom so we can confirm your insurance status, and give you the return instructions.

If I buy the Z18 in Europe, will it work in my country?


We tested the phone in all of our EU shipping countries. For other countries we pulled sources from the internet to this page, where you can find an approximate answer about supported networks.

This page has been compiled to the best of our knowledge, and we recommend that you check Blloc's Band information against your preferred network(s).

Why are you not shipping the Z18 to the US, and when will you start?


We’re not shipping to the US due to the complexities in shipping and network coverage.

OK, but if I buy it in Europe, will it work in the US?


Our phone is GSM based so it doesn’t support CDMA carriers as they require different hardware. You won’t be able to use it at 4G, but you will be able to use it up to 3G.

I live in a country you don't ship to, but I really want the Z18. Can you please send it to me as a one-off?


For the moment, we are only able to ship to select countries within Europe.As much as we'd love to help you get your hands on the Z18, neither we nor you know how much you'll end up paying in customs fees, added VAT, import tax etc. Things can also get complicated with warranty, returns and insurance.

If you are a distributor or think you can help us with ideas to expand, we'd like to hear from you. Please write to us at info@blloc.com

Z18 - Tech Specs

How long will you keep updating software and security patches?


Blloc OS updates are planned to run until December 2021, and security updates will run until December 2022.

Is your phone completely monochromatic?


No. Studies have shown that lesser usage of color helps focus and minimise distraction and addiction. That’s why we designed our operating system with focus and agility at its core. However the screen is capable of the full color spectrum, and content or apps that are not designed by us will be presented in full colour.

So I can watch videos and see pictures in full color?



Does the Z18 support dual sim, and does it have a microSD card slot?


Yes, it has a dual sim port. The second slot is also a microSD slot that can be used to expand storage by another 64GB. You can therefore have either 2 SIM cards, or 1 SIM card and 1 microSD card.

What are the dimensions?


H147.8 x W72.5 x D7.7mm, and weighs 173g.

What are the dimensions of the screen?


It's 5.88'' FHD+ at 2280x1080 pixels.

Does it come with NFC?



What about the rest of the specs?


Chipset - Helio P23
Processor - 2.0GHz octa-core
Ram Memory - 4GB
Storage Memory - 64GB
Battery - 3000mAhSIM
Dual active Nano SIMs
Display - 5.8" FHD
LCD, 480dpi
Charging - USB-C, fast charging
GNSS - Beidou, Galileo, Glonass, GPS
Back camera - Single Sony IMX258, 13MP
Front camera - Single 8MP
Audio Output - 3.5mm Jack