Ratio Updates Change log


July 31, 2021


  • Dynamic educational prompts guiding new users towards getting the optimal experience with Ratio

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Crash fixes
  • Conversations stability improvements and fixes
  • Onboarding optimisations


July 22, 2021


  • Onboarding provides option to keep existing wallpaper
  • Clarity regarding status of Ratio-Tool enabled settings
  • App Drawer no longer opening accidentally, adjusted the swipe threshold and are for this gesture
  • Theming consistency fixes
  • Crash fixes and stability improvements


July 1, 2021


- Sort Drawers alphabetically

- Ratio Settings Tile

- Fix to the Root timer card so the timer properly goes off if the device is locked

- Thank you page in the settings that extends our gratitude for your ongoing support 

- Further crash fixes, bug fixes and minor enhancements


June 25, 2021


- Drawer Lock is back

- You can now hide Tiles from the App Drawer

- Fix for the to setting adjusting size of Tiles

- Fix for the root section in settings getting stuck

- Fixes for issue that causes icons in app drawer/dock to not show up


June 22, 2021


  • Crash Fixes and Performance Improvements
  • Fixes to Hide Permanent Notifications Setting
  • Double Tap to Lock is back!
  • Custom icons Applying Properly to Tiles


June 16, 2021

New and Improved Tiles Experience

- App dock to have your most important apps just one tap away

- Swipe-up app drawer to store all your apps, letting you minimize the clutter on your home screen

- Long-press actions allowing more convenient interactivity, multiple tile drag & drop and more

- Improved overall performance

Overhauled Onboarding

- Learn about how Ratio can improve your phone experience through beautiful, informative graphics

- Set up your new Ratio Home screen with a detailed, animated walk-through

- Explain the essential permissions Ratio will need to provide an optimal experience

Tree Is Now Conversations

- Simplified setup for Tree

- Added support for Signal in Tree

- Deprecation of reliance on accessibility services

- Updates to the conversations screen UI

Media Player

- The new Media Player card in the Root lets you control any of your music and video players without having to go into them

- Spotify card is replaced by the Media Player card

Fixes and Improvements:

- Crash fixes

- Add support for Arabic and update translations

- UI fixes for contacts in Conversations

- Improved performance in Tiles

- Reduced RAM and battery consumption through deprecation of Accessibility Services


May 19, 2021


  • General - Fix various crashes, improve overall stability
  • Localization - Add support for Tamil
  • Root - Fix crash in Qwant card
  • Root - Fix crash in Weather Card when no forecast data is available
  • Root - Fix crash in Notes card
  • Onboarding - Fix issue where pressing the "skip" will open the Root wiki
  • Settings - Permissions - Add Tiles' notifications access to the permissions manager


May 11, 2021


  • General - Fix various crashes
  • Settings - Restore "ignore navbar height" setting for people coming from a version anterior to v4.3.0
  • Root - Fix issue in list cards (news, google, youtube, qwant) when the list of results is empty
  • Localization - Update existing translations and fix blank text for untranslated messages.


May 7, 2021

Fixes & Improvements:

  • General - Improve overall performance (higher framerate and better overall interface responsiveness)
  • General - Fix various crashes
  • General - Fix various bugs in Root, Tiles & Tree
  • General - Smooth animation for keyboard appearing/disappearing
  • General - 4 new pairs of wallpapers
  • Languages - Add support for German, Norwegian, Hindi, fix and update existing translations
  • Settings - Move the permission manager to its own settings sections
  • Root - Remove walkthrough from onboarding
  • Root - Fix scrolling between the cards disabled until Ratio is restarted after editing a Note
  • Root - Qwant - Fix Qwant search
  • Root - Smoother scrolling performance (especially visible after regression in Android 11)
  • Settings - Move permissions to their own settings sections
  • Tiles - Add support for various icon packs
  • Tree - Improve management of Accessibility Services
  • Tree - Add tooltip explaining accessibility services is no longer required
  • Tree - Add required/optional sections in "permissions" step of the Tree onboarding
  • Tree - Add permission dialogs when accessing a feature that needs additional permissions (sending media, making a phonecall)
  • Tree - Fix “open in app” button not showing up
  • Tree - Fix double notifications coming when setting is off
  • Tree - Fix long press on message not showing options
  • Tree - Fix sending media not working sometimes

Many thanks to all the beta testers for their support and continuous feedback throughout the many iterations of this release 🖤


May 5, 2021



April 1, 2021

New features:

  • General - Support for new languages (Dutch, Traditional Chinese)


  • Onboarding - fix issues in Root & Tiles onboarding


February 26, 2021

New features:

  • General - Support for new languages (Italian, Romanian)


  • Tree - Fix a crash caused by an error while loading a picture
  • Tree - Fix a crash in the login verification process on Android 8.1 devices
  • Root - Calendar card - Fix issue with wrong dates showing
  • Root - Weather card - Fix issue with wrong dates showing and mismatch during week days and forecast


February 18, 2021


  • Tiles - Crash caused by some app icons (for instance Sensor Sense Toolbox)
  • General - Huge lagginess in the whole UI triggered by changing the theme, especially if the Calendar Card is there in the Root
  • Root - Calendar card - Optimize rendering performance (this affects how fast it is created in the Root and how fast changing the theme will be)


February 16, 2021

New features:

  • General - Support for new languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, many more coming very soon)
  • Tree - Message input - Support for typing messages with multiple lines
  • Tree - Add indicator for new messages
  • Tiles - Support compacticons icon pack


  • Settings - Wallpapers - Preview for custom wallpapers not reloading when applying a new wallpaper
  • General - Input/search bar - Increase font size for improved readability
  • General - Remove Ratio from Android recent apps screen
  • Tiles - Fix crash regarding fingerprint animation
  • Tree - Fix crash when scrolling in a conversation that has a corrupt media message
  • Tree - Fix crash when receiving WhatsApp media message
  • Tree - Fix message not being sent when sending a link
  • Tree - Fix user settings being displayed beneath navigation bar
  • Tree - Update conversation name for telegram groups


January 29, 2021

New features:

  • Tree - Support for sending pictures (WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram)
  • Tree - Display GIFs (Telegram)
  • Tree - Display voice messages (WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • Tree - Display videos (WhatsApp, Telegram)


  • Tree - Conversation list - New selection UI with smooth transitions
  • Tree - Conversation list - Reposition mute and messaging service icons
  • Tree - Conversation list - Add timestamp for last message in conversation
  • Tree - Fix emoji keyboard display issue in 'add new tag' menu
  • Tree - Telegram - Muted conversations in Telegram will be muted in the Tree as well
  • Tree - Telegram - Keep group names up to date
  • Tree - App slowing down after sending a message through the Tree
  • Tree - Telegram - Improve login/logout flow
  • Tiles - Fix UI issue with menu buttons being hidden behind navigation
  • Tiles - Close app dashboard when pressing a Tree notification
  • Root - News card - Remove transparency behind article title in read mode
  • General - Put back quick access for greyscale (in control panel)
  • Wallpapers - Fix custom wallpapers still getting reset on (some) phone reboot
  • Settings - Add a setting for disabling or enabling haptic feedback in Ratio


January 23, 2021


  • Permissions - Remove unused "access location in background" permission
  • Root - Qwant card - Match design with the rest of Root cards
  • Tree - Close all full screen views (Settings, Permissions Manager, etc) when pressing a Tree notification
  • Wallpapers - Fix custom wallpapers getting reset on phone reboot


January 18, 2021

New features:

  • Tree - Possibility to lock the tree with biometrics (setup in Tree Settings)


  • Tree - Fix telegram notification not showing up
  • Tree - Fix notifications ringing twice
  • Tree - Improve handling of removal of notifications
  • Tree - Fix duplicated WhatsApp messages
  • Tree - Add option to delete tags in Tree settings
  • Tree - Add option to edit tags in Tree settings
  • Tree - Adjust size of icon in tags quick actions
  • Tree - Email login - Display appropriate error messages
  • Tree - Match conversation settings panels to Root and Tiles
  • Tree - Reset back button rotation when opening a conversation
  • Tree - Automatically select tags after creation
  • Tree - Fix message list background on Focus mode (same as Root/Tiles)
  • Tree - Fix sun mode display issue in auto reply and focus hour view
  • Tree - Disabled the animations of the buttons in repeat weekday selector view
  • Root - Pinned cards - buttons inside pinned cards not working on some devices
  • Root - Fix 'Done' button in Notes card


December 16, 2020


  • Tiles - Reload icon pack if the icon pack gets an update, to avoid icons seemingly shuffled
  • Tiles - Fix occasional crash
  • Tiles - Color chooser in app edit view match the theme color
  • Tiles - Match light theme and sun theme classic tiles color to root cards
  • Lock screen - Fix "touch here to dismiss" not working
  • Root - Help card - Fix UI issue, rename
  • Root - Crash in Converter card
  • Tree - Add theming for onboarding in Light and Sun mode
  • Tree - Disable QuickActions when input bar is hidden
  • Tree - Increase touch area for 'back' button in conversation header
  • Tree - Increase text size and tracking in message bubbles
  • Tree - Adjust sizing and padding for icons in conversation options
  • Tree - Add blurred background inside conversation
  • Tree - Increase visibility for panels inside conversation settings
  • Tree - Match QuickActions margin/size to QuickActions in Root/Tiles
  • Tree - Center text inside auto-reply menu
  • Tree - Adjust padding for Close button in conversation settings
  • Tree - fix back button behavior in conversation header


December 14, 2020


  • Root - Google search - opens the default search app if possible instead of opening a tab
  • Tree - Login - Fix crash on some Xiaomi devices in email input
  • Tree - Fix crash when downloading telegram image
  • Tree - Fix crash on Instagram ScreenReader
  • Tree - Fix crash when getting specific kind of message from supergroup
  • Tree - Fix crash when opening a conversation in main app from the tree
  • Tree - Fix auto-reply and focus hour not triggering when repeat is off
  • Tree - Remove the non-repeatable auto-reply and focus hour once complete
  • Tree - Automatically hide keyboard when leaving certain screens
  • Tree - General UI fixes and sun mode improvements
  • Tiles - Removed Quick Setting tiles for changing themes


December 11, 2020

New features:

  • Tree - Tree messaging hub: You can now have all your conversations (from supported messaging apps: WhatApp, Messenger Lite, Telegram, Instagram) in one screen, merge different conversations from the same person, create groups, and more!
  • Tiles - Added support for moonshine color icon pack
  • Tiles - Swapped force close button for an info button in app dashboard
  • General - 4 themes: Sun, Focus, Light (translucent), Dark (translucent)
  • General - Possibility to set a wallpaper for Dark & Light mode, with full transparency
  • Settings - Individual icon for each setting for faster navigation


  • General - Improved haptic feedback on Quick Actions
  • Tiles - UI fixes


November 27, 2020


  • General - Fix many different sources of crash
  • Tiles - Fix selection of custom icons


November 17, 2020


  • General - "Force dark mode" system setting does not break Ratio's UI anymore


October 29, 2020


  • General - remove "LOADED" Toast on start
  • Root - Spotify card - Improve overall reliability
  • Root - Weather card - Improve geocoding/reverse geocoding
  • Root - Youtube card - Add "see results in youtube" button + improve handling of "no results"
  • Root - Notes card/pinned card - Fix opening/creating a note from the pinned card when the main view is not the Root
  • Root - News, Notes card - Add margin at the top of the Card when it's focused (ie when reading a news article or editing a note)


October 22, 2020

New features:

  • Tiles - Add possibility to rename apps
  • Tiles - Add support to Whicons icon pack + add Icon Pack setting in Tiles Settings
  • Settings - Tiles - Add setting to pull down Tiles to open control panel/notifications
  • Settings - Tiles - Option to hide notification pills for permanent notifications
  • Root - Help card - Display basic links for newcomers (FAQ, Community, Bug reports)
  • Root - News - add an "add sources" hint as a shortcut to search for more sources


  • Root - Calculator, Converter card - Crash when navigating between history & main view
  • Root - Calendar card - App freeze when hiding recurrent event
  • Root - Calendar card - Prompt user for a confirmation before hiding an event
  • Root - Calendar card - Display ongoing multi-day event
  • Root - Calendar card - Opening an event in the calendar not working properly in apps other than Google Calendar, with correct hours
  • Root - Calendar, Notes, Google, Tickets cards - Fix swipe right to delete interfering with Root vertical scroll
  • Root - Notes card - Edit zone not visible if too many pinned cards
  • Root - Spotify Card - Spotify doesn't need to be initially running for the card to work + improve overall reliability
  • Settings - Add close button in case back/home buttons are ignored
  • Settings - Dismiss keyboard when hiding/showing the Ratio Settings
  • Settings - Layout issues with Lines icon pack installation, overlapping text
  • Settings - Add restart button (replacing the Exit button)
  • Settings - Tiles - Sort hidden apps
  • Tiles - Add support for apps that have multiple launch activities
  • Tiles - Fix duplicated App Box
  • Tiles - Fix not able to drag app when drawer ordered alphabetically
  • Tiles - Ratio malfunctioning when App Box is at the top
  • Tiles - Fix issue with some app names (e.g. "Call of Duty of Duty")
  • Tiles - Layout issue with app names overflowing
  • Tiles - Fix original app icons strangely cropped
  • Tiles - Fix notifications displayed in both normal & work profile app
  • Tiles - Fix notification count sometimes duplicated
  • Tree Referral - Fix display of score when not loaded yet
  • General - Detect display configuration changes and trigger a restart of Ratio
  • Onboarding - Root - Spotify not shown as first hint


October 10, 2020


  • General - fix lag when opening/closing search bar
  • General - improve performance of switching between Root/Tiles/TreeReferral
  • Tree Referral - fix sharing links sometimes not working correctly


October 7, 2020


  • Tiles - Icons - Fix calendar icon not appearing if the Lines icon pack isn't installed
  • Tiles - Icons - Handle all versions of Lines icon pack (pro, free)
  • Tiles - Icons - Automatically reload app icons after installation of the Lines icon pack
  • Tiles - App dashboard - App icon - Redirect user to Play Store rather than BllocServices if the Lines icon pack isn't installed
  • Settings - Tiles settings - Add option to install Lines icon pack from Play Store rather than directly from Ratio
  • General - Fix Ratio interfering with bluetooth pairing on some devices
  • Device Compatibility - Fix Play Store compatibility issues with many devices that don't have a fingerprint reader


October 5, 2020


  • Tiles - app dashboard layout issues (save button hidden)
  • Tiles - shortcuts names layout issues (label trimmed as "...")
  • Tiles - handle all versions of the Lines icon (Free & Pro version from Play Store)